Gaza Terrorists Fire Two Rockets at Israel on Motzoei Shabbos

An Iron Dome missile defense battery in Sderot fires an intercepting missile in 2018. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Gaza Arab terrorists fired two rockets at Israel on Motzoei Shabbos. The attack set off Red Alert sirens in several towns. The rockets landed in open areas. No injuries or damage were reported. The attack came moments after Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said in an interview on Channel 12 that the number of rockets fired at Israel had fallen since he took the office of Defense Minister.

Over the weekend there were numerous reports of incendiary balloons floating in the skies over Israeli. Balloons were reported in Netivot, Sderot and Be’er Sheva, among other places. Most of the explosive devices attached to the balloon clusters were defused by police Bomb Squad experts. No injuries or damage were reported.

The weekend attacks came after Hamas sources again said Thursday night that the terror group intended to halt balloon terror attacks against southern Israel, Channel 12 reported. The decision was being made as a “gesture of goodwill,” the sources said, as no new deal had been reached with Israel on the matter. Hamas said that it hoped the gesture would “encourage” Israel to take steps to improve the lives of Gazans, such as increasing the number of work permits and expanding the area Gaza fishermen are allowed to trawl.

The report came on a day that nearly a dozen bombs dispatched to Israel by clusters of terror balloons exploded. A number exploded while still in the air, while others blew up when they touched down. No injuries or damage were reported. Four balloon clusters exploded in the air over a community near the southern border, causing a panic in the community, while another one exploded next to a school, causing children to react traumatically, Yisrael Hayom reported.

Last weekend, Hamas reportedly made the same promise, but the past week actually saw an uptick in balloon terror attacks. The Hamas sources said that the upcoming weekend would be a “test” to see if the group could control rogue elements and prevent the attacks.

Also Saturday night, Border Guards arrested three Arabs in the village of Dura, near Chevron, on rioting charges. The three, arrested at two separate locations in the village, are accused of participating in numerous riots in recent weeks, and of organizing several of them.The three were also involved in direct attacks on IDF soldiers and Border Guards.

In a statement, Border Guards said that the arrests “are a strong message to those who would attack security forces. At the end of the day such rioters will be arrested at the place and time of our choosing, and will be put on trial.”

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