KIDDUSH HASHEM: Sullivan Bus Driver’s Experience Driving for a Jewish Camp

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Ann-Marie Barton, a school-bus driver in Sullivan County, made the following post Monday night on a social-media group called “Uncensored Sullivan County New York News and Politics”:


I’m a school bus driver in Sullivan County. I did my first Jewish camp trip today.

Three years ago I moved here and I wondered how so many people can hate our summer visitors.

I guess no matter who the group is… if you put 300,000 people in any small community, it’s going to create havoc. After three summers. I can see how people get frustrated. I’ve been frustrated too.

Then today happened and I felt the need to share this… as I’ve already said… today was my first trip.

I had a bus full of 14 year old boys from one camp and I could not have asked for a better behaved, polite and grateful group of boys. Each one thanked me as they got on my bus and again as they got off. I asked them all not to leave a mess and there was not one thing left on my bus. Not ONE thing!!

I admit I don’t [know] much of their culture. But I read what people post about them and all their bad behavior. I guess if I came each summer to a community that makes it clear that I wasn’t welcome, I wouldn’t try too hard to be nice either.

I’m sure there are always going to be bad apples in every group…. but there were 99 VERY well behaved, polite and grateful boys on our busses today and THAT doesn’t happen by accident. My hat is off to the parents raising these boys.


Most commenters reacted positively to her post, and several wrote about similar experiences.

Karen Libowsky-Siegel wrote, “Any of the religious customers I see where I work are very friendly, helpful and their children almost always help with bagging!”

Amanda Magee wrote, “Thanks for sharing. I run a summer taxi company and I have never had any issues w the Jewish community. There is so much hate in this world. It needs to stop. There are bad apples in every race/religion. Thank you!! ❤️”

Cher Wellman wrote, “Generally with most people you get what you give. You treated these boys with respect and they gave you respect in return. It’s amazing how that works ????”