BD’E; Mrs. Breindel Feldman a’h


Mrs.Breindel Feldman a’h was niftar at the age of 100. She was the almanah of Rabbi Moshe Feldman z’l.

In the war years they escaped to Eretz Yisroel and lived in Yerushalayim where they built a home of chessed. Later the moved to America where they continued a life of Torah and chessed.

She was zocheh to do shiduchim with the families of the Gerrer Rebbe zt’l the Pnei Menachem and the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita.

One daughter was married to Mr. Moshe Reichmann z’l, the other daughters are married to Mr.  Chaim Pluczenik of Antwerp,Mr. Eliezer Chafetz of Monsey, and a son Mr.  Yisachor Feldman of Montreal.

The levayeh was Friday in Yerushalayim where she was layed to rest on Har Hazeisim.  

Tehay zichrah berucha  



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