Spain: Rescuers Lowered Down Shaft to Reach Trapped Toddler

spain boy
Drill machines and excavating machinery working (top left) to reach the boy last Saturday. (AP Photo/Gregorio Marrero)

Spanish mine rescue experts are being lowered down a deep shaft from where they hope to dig a tunnel to reach a 2-year-old boy trapped underground for 11 days.

Authorities have struggled to recover Julen Rosello after he fell down a narrow, 110-meter (360-foot) deep borehole in the southern Spanish countryside on Jan. 13.

The only sign of the toddler found inside the hole so far is hair that matched his DNA.

Officials said a purpose-built cage was used Thursday to take the miners down a shaft that has been drilled parallel to the borehole.

The rescuers estimate they will need up to 24 hours to dig the 13-foot tunnel to where they believe the boy is.