BPJCC Launches Senior Seminar Series With Boro Park Kehillos

A panel of experts on senior programs and services on Sunday at the BPJCC event.

The first of a planned series of seminars organized by the Boro Park Jewish Community Council in partnership with Together We Are took place Sunday at the Bobover beis medrash on 15th Ave. The seminar, for men and women, offered guidance and advice so those turning 65 and older can feel comfortable navigating complicated government programs related to seniors.

“We often find that seniors coming to the BPJCC are in need of guidance,” said Rabbi Avi Greenstein, BPJCC’s CEO. “They have basic questions and need assistance in choosing programs which are right for them. Our staff attends regular training in order to make sure we understand every nuance so as to best serve our community. This senior seminar leaves attendees with a sense of security that they are applying for the programs that are the most appropriate for them.”

A panel of experts included Joseph Klein, an attorney and accountant; Menachem Friedman, a senior care specialist; and Rabbi Greenstein.

“The BPJCC put together an amazing event,” says Yoel Rosenfeld, executive director of Together We Are and an askan of Bobov who moderated and emceed the seminar. “It was to the point and knowledgeable. The presenters were an incredible resource and the participants are still thanking us for putting this event together.”

The BPJCC presented its brand-new English/Yiddish guidebook for seniors which was given out to attendees. The guidebook contains easy-to-follow information on a variety of critical programs related to seniors and will be updated annually.

“The information was extremely informative,” commented Boruch Gips, coordinator for Hatzolah of Boro Park and an event attendee. “Many people, myself included, may have thought that we were all set up as seniors but after this seminar, we realized we actually have more options available. I am happy to hear that this seminar will be given in more places so others can benefit from this information as well.”

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