IDF: Cement Used to Destroy Terror Tunnels Reveals Source of Tunnel

The cement seen coming out of the Lebanese end of the terror tunnel. (IDF Spokesman)

The IDF said on Thursday that led by the Northern Command and the Galilee Division it had completed the neutralization and destruction of the terrorist tunnels that were dug from the area of ​​the Lebanese Shiite village Kafr Kela and were exposed by the IDF as part of Operation Defensive Shield.

(IDF Spokesman)

The terror tunnels were built as a secret and significant component in the attack plan that Hezbollah has been trying to develop in recent years and were intended to allow the terrorist group’s Ratwan unit to infiltrate into Israel, said the IDF.

The IDF’s activity thwarted and prevented Hezbollah’s attempt to strike the city of Metulla and its residents while removing the threat of the tunnels.

The destruction of the tunnel in Kafr Kela was accomplished through the pouring of liquid cement into the tunnel. The entrance to the factory and several streets in the village have been flooded with cement.

“These pictures of the flowing cement will speak for themselves and show the Lebanese government under which Hezbollah operates,” the IDF Spokesman said.

(IDF Spokesman)

The IDF said that after pouring cement into the openings on the Israeli side the cement spilled out of the opening on the Lebanese side – revealing it was dug between homes and a factory.

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