Regional Briefs – December 4, 2018

NYC Court Ordered to Rehear Case on Courtroom Cameras

STATEN ISLAND – An appellate court instructed a lower court to consider the “chilling effect” cameras in the courthouse could have on attorney-client privilege, overturning a federal judge’s lifting a preliminary injunction against the cameras, the Staten Island Advance reported. New York City argues the cameras are necessary for security.

Fight Breaks Out at Muslim Funeral With FedEx Workers

BROOKLYN – A brawl broke out Monday during an Islamic funeral after a FedEx truck struck a funeral attendee, The Associated Press reported. Three people were hospitalized with minor injuries, including a man who was slashed with a box-cutter. The FedEx truck’s windows were smashed.

Contracts Awarded to help Low-Income Go Solar

ALBANY – Nine community solar projects around New York were awarded state contracts to help low-income residents access renewable energy. The “Solar for All” program will address the energy needs of 7,000 households.

Property Tax Exemption For Farmers Extended 10 Years

ALBANY – A tax exemption that’s saved $113 million for farmers across New York state was extended Monday for another decade. The law exempts them from paying property tax on buildings essential to their products, such as greenhouses and dairy barns.

Illegal Firearms Dealer Gets 40 Months in Prison

CAMDEN, N.J. – A man who tried selling 100 unlicensed handguns was sentenced Monday to 40 months in prison, The Associated Press reported. Fr’Neil Hickson, 38, has been in federal custody since his 2014 arrest in Atlanta.

Atlantic City Mayor Back at Work Day After FBI Raid

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam was back at work Tuesday a day after a federal raid, the Press of Atlantic City reported. He declined to comment on the scene Monday when FBI and IRS agents emerging from his home with white cardboard boxes and computer equipment.