Report: Hamas to Ratchet Up Gaza Terror Again

israel ceasefire
An Israeli soldier stands next to an armored personnel carrier (APC) in a field in southern Israel, near the border with Gaza. (Reuters/Amir Cohen, File)

Hamas intends to ratchet up its terror activities against Israel, after a meeting of top Hamas terrorists this week, Channel 20 reported Friday. The uptick could occur as soon as Friday, with increased rioting at the Gaza border fence. The activities will also include a return to balloon and kite terror and attempts by Hamas terrorists to breach the border fence.

Reports last week had claimed that there had been a leveling-off of the rioting at the Gaza border, but that turned out to be incorrect. Last Friday, over 10,000 Gaza rioters had showed up at the border fence, protesting against both Israel and the Palestinian Authority – despite rainy and cold weather.

Reports said that many top officials in the defense establishment were disappointed by the Friday turnout. IDF soldiers were “noticeably restrained” at the border on Friday, the report said. Gaza sources said that 14 people were injured in the riots.

The belief had been that Hamas would tone down the rioting on Fridays after a deal had been made to transfer cash for the payment of salaries and stipends to the families of terrorists, and for the transfer of gas and other supplies to increase the amount of electricity Gazans receive.

With the weather this Friday much more amenable, security officials are hoping that things don’t get at of hand at the border fence. Extra forces will be on alert to prevent major rioting, and the IDF has increased its patrols at sensitive points along the border fence to ensure that infiltrators are prevented from getting through to the Israel side in the first place, the Channel 20 report said.

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