Regional Briefs – August 12, 2018

Coalition Urges Cuomo to Sign Prosecutor Misconduct Bill

ALBANY – A coalition is urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign legislation that would create a panel to investigate prosecutorial misconduct, The Associated Press reported. The commission would have the power to sanction district attorneys who abused their power.

Dairy Farmers Hosting Industry Summit in Albany

ALBANY – Hundreds of dairy farmers from across the Northeast are gathering in Albany Monday for an industry summit to discuss such issues as low milk prices with government agriculture agencies, The Associated Press reported.

New Cadets March to West Point After Training 6 Weeks

WEST POINT, N.Y. – New cadets at West Point are capping six weeks of intense training with the 12-mile March Back, the traditional end to basic training, The Associated Press reported. About 1,200 cadets will march Monday morning to the military academy.


3 King Cobras, 300 Other Reptiles Seized From Home

ALLEGANY, N.Y. – The state seized three king cobras, six venomous Gila monsters and seven species of turtles Thursday among hundreds of reptiles kept in a home, The Associated Press reported. The homeowner faces charges for illegally owning venomous snakes.

Obituary for Prolific Letter Writer Begins ‘To The Editor’

SYRACUSE – The obituary for a prolific writer of letters to the editor at the Post-Standard begins with three familiar words: To the Editor, The Associated Press reported. The family of John Brule, 91, decided that the former professor’s obituary should start the same way he began more than 60 letters he wrote over the last 30 years.