Minister Ayoub Kara: Despite Threats, I Still Support Nation-State Law

Communications Minister Ayoub Kara. (Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90)

Communications Minister Ayoub Kara has received death threats over his support of the Nation-State Law, passed by the Knesset last week on its second and third reading. A report on Hadashot News sad that Kara has received warnings from government security officials warning him to “be careful” in light of the threats. Officials are also considering adding members to his security staff, the report said.

In response to the report, Kara on Sunday night said in a social media post that he was aware of the threats and was not intimidated. “I am not going to be pushed around by the incitement and threats against myself and my family,” he wrote. “I will continue to represent members of the Druze community as in the past. The Nation-State Law does not turn us into second-class citizens, as some claim – just the opposite, it completes legislation from the past ensuring equal rights and standing for all Israelis.”

In recent weeks, members of the Druze community – which Kara is a member of – have complained that the Nation-State Law “breaks the traditional alliance between Israel and the Druze.” Among the tenets of the law are that Israel is the “national home” of the Jewish people; that Israel is obligated to preserve Jewish culture and tradition; that the Jewish calendar be used whenever possible to conduct state business; that Jewish law be the “source of inspiration” for legislation by the Knesset and decisions by the courts; that Jews be given the opportunity to immigrate to Israel and receive citizenship; that Hebrew be recognized as the primary official language of the country; and that the state encourage Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel.

Members of the Druze community have filed petitions with the High Court against the law. Among them are MK Akhram Hasson (Kulanu), who said that “we have no problem with Israel as a Jewish state, but what about us? What about those among us who sacrificed their lives for the state, what about the 420 Druze killed in wars and the thousands injured? The Nation-State Law turns us into second-class citizens – actually seventh-class – and guarantees that we will be discriminated against in budgets, education, planning and much more.”

Kara wrote in his post that this was not the case. “The law will not harm the status of Arabic as a language, it actually enhances it and secures its place in the educational system. I stand behind my support of it, and threats will not shake my stance or my point of view,” he added.

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