Over 100 Arrested For Gun-Running to Criminals, Terrorists


Police on Tuesday announced that they had in recent days arrested over 100 suspects – 56 of them Tuesday morning – as part of a gang that sold, among other things, guns and weapons to both criminal and terror groups. The gang also did a brisk business in illegal narcotics. The arrests were made after police undercover investigators gathered evidence against the gang over the course of the past year, police said.

Investigators bought dozens of weapons, weapons parts, and ammunition from gang members over the course of the investigation. The purchases were made within Israel proper, although the gang also operated in Yehudah and Shomron, selling weapons to both criminal and terror groups. Police operated in both areas collecting the evidence.

The gang’s activities also led police to evidence on dozens of Palestinian thieves who broke into homes and businesses throughout the country, police said. The thieves were responsible for hundreds of break-ins over the past year. Documents, witness accounts, and other information led to the location and arrest of the thieves, dozens of whom are now in custody.

“In recent years we have been very active in finding ways to deal with criminals, especially among the Palestinians and the crimes they commit that affect Israeli citizens,” Israel Police Chief Roni Alshich said Tuesday. “When we first started we had a vision of being able to make an impact on these crimes, but it seemed like a distant dream. Today, when we look back at what we have accomplished, we can say that our approach has brought about great results. This operation was amazing, both in its size and reach, and in its results, which have helped increase security for Israelis.”

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