Fourth Time Firebomb-Laden Kites Sent From Gaza

Gaza City seen in the background near the border fence between Israel and Gaza (foreground). (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

For the fourth time in less than a week, Gaza Arab terrorists on Tuesday started a forest fire in a wooded area near the Gaza border – using a firebomb attached to a kite. The kite, controlled from the Gaza side, landed in the Be’eri forest, several hundred meters away from the border fence, and terrorists exploded the firebomb. Firefighters were battling the blaze, and attempting to rescue an individual who was in the forest.

Gaza Arab terrorists used the same tactic on Monday, Sunday, and last Friday. In each case, a firebomb attached to a kite caused a fire, forcing Israeli firefighters to expend resources in putting it out. The fires were brought under control relatively quickly. Farmers in the region expressed concern that terrorists would use this tactic to burn down their wheat fields, which were almost ready to be harvested.

In a statement, the Eshkol Regional Council said that “terrorists have been using kites to set fires. In each case, the firebombs have been dropped near the border and started fires, so far without any victims. The IDF, together with Israeli firefighters, are prepared to deal with this new threat and are ready to deal with all developments. The public is asked to remain aware and to report any unusual activity.”

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