Regional Briefs – February 21, 2018

Bank Staff Sick of Hawk Scarfing Pigeons at Their Door

DEWITT, N.Y. – The feeding habits of a Cooper’s hawk is fascinating birdwatchers, but tellers at M&T Bank are fed up with the feathery remnants of slaughtered pigeons near its entrance, the Post-Standard reported. The hawk has begun killing and devouring pigeons, terrifying and disgusting staff.

Man Arrested for Threatening Rep. Over Net Neutrality

SYRACUSE – A man pleaded guilty Tuesday to threatening to kill a GOP congressman and his family over net neutrality, The Associated Press reported. Patrick Angelo, 28, called John Katko’s office and left a voicemail calling net neutrality “the basis of the new society.”

Cemetery Worker Trapped in Open Grave by Accidental Fall

EAST HANOVER, N.J. – A cemetery worker got trapped in a grave he was digging Tuesday when an 800-pound vault cover fell on top of him, pinning him inside, the Daily Record reported. Peter Ferencze, 59, was exhumed and hospitalized after suffering chest injuries.

Police Car Abandoned During Chase Stolen and Wrecked

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. – A man was arrested Wednesday for stealing and wrecking a police car that had been abandoned by an officer during a foot chase, Newsday reported. Tayawon Anderson, 20, hopped in and drove away, crashing it in the woods about two miles away.

Ex-Westchester DA Admits Driving 95 Mph

NICHOLS, N.Y. – Former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro pleaded guilty Tuesday to driving 95 mph in a 65-mph zone last year, paying a $300 fine plus fees and a requirement to take a defensive driving course, the Journal News reported. A state trooper had said he clocked her Cadillac going 119 mph on Route 17.