FEMA Awards NYS $24.3M in Antiterrorism Funds


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that $24.3 million in federal funding has been awarded to New York State, to support counterterrorism efforts across the state. The funding, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, complement a total of $54 million of antiterrorism funds in the fiscal year 2017 state budget.

“The safety and security of all New Yorkers is priority number one,” said Cuomo. “This funding will ensure that those on the front lines have access to the equipment, resources and training they need to protect our communities from those who wish us harm. It is essential that we continue to remain vigilant and invest and support these counterterrorism efforts.”

The funds include $22.7 Million to protect transportation systems, the vast majority of which will go to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority; and $1.6 million for customs and border patrol on the Canadian border.

Of the $54 million included in the 2017 state budget to combat terrorism, $40 million will be used to expand the presence of law-enforcement agencies statewide, $10 million will go toward safety equipment for local law-enforcement agencies, and $4 million will be used to provide New York State Police troopers with high-powered rifles, body armor and ballistic helmets, as well as training.