Deal to Bring Ukrainian Construction Workers Signed

Construction of the new Gindi apartment and office buildings in Tel Aviv. (Nati Shohat/Flash90)

Israel and the Ukraine signed an agreement in Kiev on Tuesday to bring thousands of temporary workers to the labor-starved Israeli construction industry.

The agreement represents the culmination of intensive negotiations led by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior and other ministries to alleviate the acute labor shortage, with an eye to increasing the housing supply and bringing prices down.

The agreement was signed by Pavlo Klimkin, minister for foreign affairs of Ukraine, and Eliav Byelotserkovski, extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Israel to Ukraine.

At the signing, Byelotserkovski said: “This agreement represents another brick in the structure of 25 years of diplomatic relations.”

Under the agreement, 10,000–15,000 skilled Ukrainian workers can be employed in the construction sector of Israel. They will receive a guaranteed salary and medical insurance and will have adequate working conditions.

The sides agreed to take necessary steps for implementing the agreement without delay.