U.S. Att’y Bharara: NY Executive Branch ‘Far From Immune’


U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says he will root out corruption at all levels of government in New York state and New York City — including the mayor’s and governor’s offices.

Bharara said Tuesday during a speech at Common Cause New York’s annual gala that his office will keep looking at corruption among legislators but “not just there.” He said the executive branches of the state and city government “are far from immune from the creeping show-me-the-money culture” that pervades politics.

Bharaha concluded his speech with his now-famous “stay tuned” phrase which he used following previous high-profile indictments.

“Every once in a while it would be nice, I think, to hear our elected leader say ‘stay tuned,’ and for that to mean something. It would be nice to hear them say ‘stay tuned’ for reform, stay tuned for change, stay tuned for greater transparency and great accountability, stay tuned as we finally begin to police ourselves, stay tuned as we finally hold the executive branch accountable.”