Regional Briefs – March 3, 2016

New Jersey Pension Fees, Bonuses Top $700M in 2015

TRENTON – New Jersey’s government pension fund paid $728 million in fees to private fund managers last year, including $328 million in bonuses, The Associated Press reported. Union officials called the fees “outrageous.” The $79 billion fund returned just over 4 percent, ahead of its benchmark but behind the double-digit returns in recent years.

Strange Odor at School Sends 23 Students to the Hospital

SOUTH AMBOY, N.J. – A strange odor Wednesday in two classrooms sent 23 students to the hospital, The Associated Press reported. The school reopened Thursday.

Racial Art to Be Removed From 111-Year-Old Carousel

ROCHESTER – A preservation board on Wednesday approved the removal of artwork depicting two black children in a crude style common to the Jim Crow era from a 111-year-old city-owned carousel, The Associated Press reported. Activists have been pushing city officials to remove the image but it needed approval by the board.

NY Senate Toughens Law on Sale of Academic Papers

ALBANY – New York’s Senate has again passed a bill expanding the ban on selling term papers, dissertations and theses to students for cheating purposes, The Associated Press reported. The existing ban would now be extended to papers online as well. A companion bill has been introduced in the Assembly.