Aboutbul Family Mourns Loss of Infant

Beit Shemeh Mayor Moshe Aboutbul (Flash90)
Beit Shemeh Mayor Rabbi Moshe Aboutbul. (Flash90)

UPDATE:  The levayeh of the infant was at 1AM Israeli time. An external examination was done on the child by the medical examiner.

Moshe Rafael Mizrachi, z”l, a grandson of Beit Shemesh Mayor Rabbi Moshe Aboutbul, was niftar Wednesday night, ten days after he was hospitalized for head trauma. The four-month-old infant apparently fell and his head struck the floor. Doctors worked to reverse the damage but were unfortunately unsuccessful, a Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital spokesman said. The cause of the fall is not clear.

The incident occurred at a day-care center, and police have opened an investigation into possible negligence. Police are investigating the actions of one specific caregiver, although they said they are still collecting evidence in the case.

According to the caregiver, she was changing the baby’s diaper when the infant turned over unexpectedly, apparently for the first time. The caregiver was unprepared for this, she has told police, and as a result he fell.

Speaking to reporters, Mayor Aboutbul said that his first concern was to prevent an autopsy, which police are demanding in order to investigate the charges. “We are wrapped in sorrow and suffering as a result of this. The least we can do to alleviate that suffering is to ensure that the baby receives a proper Jewish burial.”

Rabbi Aboutbul said that the family had not reached any conclusions on what happened. “We are relying on the police to do their work and complete the investigation. We are cooperating according to their requests. I wish to thank the many people who expressed their condolences, for us and for the many who have been davening for our grandson in recent days.”

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