NY Minimum Wages Set to Rise on Dec. 31


With New York’s minimum wage for most workers rising by a quarter ($0.25) to $9 an hour on Dec. 31, the minimums for workers at fast-food chains and the state government are going higher.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered a hike to $10.50 an hour for state employees working in New York City and to $9.75 elsewhere.

The governor’s office says that raise will affect about 2,000 people.

It also tracks the Cuomo administration’s decision to raise wages for about 200,000 fast-food workers in New York at chains with 30 or more restaurants nationally.

Both groups are scheduled for additional incremental raises reaching $15 over three years in the city and over six years elsewhere.

The governor’s office says that will affect about 10,000 state workers and cost annually about $20.6 million.