Military: U.S., Allies Conduct 12 Strikes in Iraq, Three in Syria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

The United States and its allies conducted 15 strikes against the Islamic State terror group in Iraq and Syria on Sunday, the coalition leading the operations said, in a statement on Monday.

In Iraq, a dozen strikes near four cities hit several Islamic State tactical units, vehicles, weapons caches, fighting positions and other targets, the Combined Joint Task Force said.

Six strikes hit near Mosul, the Islamic State stronghold in northern Iraq, and four near Ramadi, where the Iraqi military on Sunday asked civilians to leave the city before a planned offensive. The remaining two strikes in Iraq were near Bayji, the military said.

In Syria, three air strikes near Mar’a and Ayn Isa hit one tactical unit, among other targets, according to the statement.

The coalition also reported a strike near the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa on Saturday, Dec. 19, that hit five Islamic State gas and oil separation points and two crude oil collection points.

The strikes used attack, fighter, bomber, ground-attack, and remotely piloted aircraft against terror targets, the statement said.