113th Yahrtzeit Of Harav Yaakov Joseph to Be Marked


The 113th yahrtzeit of Harav Yaakov Joseph, zt”l, Rav Hakollel of New York City, will be marked this Shabbos. Hundreds are expected to visit his kever at Union Field Cemetery in the Ridgewood section of Queens on Erev Shabbos and Sunday.

Harav Joseph, a talmid of the Netziv, zt”l, at Yeshivas Volozhin, and of Harav Yisrael Salanter, zt”l, who had served as Dayan in Vilna, arrived in New York in 5648/1888 to become the first Chief Rabbi of New York.

On the day of the yahrtzeit, hundreds from all sectors of the community come to the tziyun to be mispallel. These visits are an expression of hakaras hatov for the Rav’s accomplishments in strengthening Yiddishkeit in this country and also an opportunity to daven for rachamei Shamayim for Klal Yisrael in these difficult times. Many have reported experiencing yeshuos after davening there.

Individuals and groups visit Rav Joseph’s kever on the yahrtzeit as well as throughout the year.