De Blasio Laughs Off Emailing Subway Complaint To Reporter

NEW YORK (AP/Hamodia) -

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday laughed off having inadvertently emailed a reporter while griping about personal subway delays.

De Blasio on Monday sent an email to his staff complaining that he had been waiting 20 minutes for a train. When he gave up on a train and reemerged onto the street, he was upset that his security detail had driven off without waiting to see if he boarded a train.

De Blasio sent the email to several staffers — and, accidentally, a reporter from The New York Times.

“2 problems today,” de Blasio wrote. “We waited 20 mins for an express only to hear there were major delays. This was knowable info. Had we had it, we would have avoided a lot of hassles. The detail drove away when we went into the subway rather than waiting to confirm we got on a train. We need a better system.”

De Blasio, who is known for arriving late to events, arrived 20 minutes late to a speaking engagement.

Gene Russianoff, president of the Straphangers Campaign, an advocacy group for train riders, said that the mayor was just experiencing regular life for riders.

“Welcome to the world of late trains and unreliable service, Mr. Mayor,” Russianoff said. “Stinks, doesn’t it?”