Some Want to Unseat NYPD Union Leader


A slate of challengers is working to unseat longtime New York police union leader Patrick Lynch — including two officers under indictment in a ticket-fixing scandal — in an election that comes amid a rancorous public battle with the mayor.

The group is led by the Brooklyn South trustee at the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Brian Fusco, who said Tuesday that union leaders have been “grandstanding” instead of improving officers’ “disgraceful and dangerous” work environment.

Lynch is seeking a fifth term as head of the union, which represents 24,000 officers.

Lynch was criticized before his last re-election for his handling of the ticket-fixing scandal, which ensnared more than a dozen officers, but no challenger materialized then.

Among the group of officers seeking to replace Lynch and other union leadership are Joseph Anthony and Michael Hernandez, who both pleaded not guilty to tampering with public records in the ticket-fixing probe, first announced in 2011.