106th Yahrtzeit of Harav Gedalyahu Yosef Bernstein, zt”l, To Be Marked

This Monday, 3 Cheshvan/Oct. 27, marks the 106th yahrtzeit of Harav Gedalyahu Yosef Bernstein, zt”l. Many will be visiting his kever at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn on that day.

Harav Bernstein arrived in the United States in 5651/1890 from the city of Smilowitz, which was in Minsk, in modern-day Belarus. He resided in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, where he dedicated his time and energy to growth in Torah and ruchniyus and  he finished Shas every three years. Harav Bernstein’s home was a meeting place for Gedolim and Rabbanim.

Harav Bernstein was niftar on 3 Cheshvan 5669/1908 and brought to rest at Washington Cemetery, on the outskirts of Boro Park, in the presence of a large crowd of mourners.

His kever has become over the last several years a makom tefillah for Yidden to daven to the Ribono shel Olam for yeshuos in these challenging times. Such visits are also an expression of hakaras  hatov to a person who imparted chizuk to fellow Yidden in Brownsville in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Harav Bernstein’s kever is located in section 3 of the cemetery, on Sacks Road between Bay Parkway and 21st Avenue, row 295, in the Chevra Machzikei Hadas Anshei Sfard chelkah; the tziyun is the fourth from the right.

The section will be open Monday for extended hours — 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Special arrangements to facilitate parking will be available on 21st Avenue outside the cemetery to accommodate visitors. The GPS address is 5417  21st Avenue.

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