Metro-North Execs Hear From Riders in NYC


Some riders on the Metro-North Railroad took their travel concerns straight to the top on Wednesday, as railroad executives including new President Joseph Giulietti held a listening session at Grand Central Terminal.

The executives heard from several commuters expressing concerns over regular travel delays, as well as crowded trains and lack of adequate communication about train issues.

The session was the first of several planned for stations around the Metro-North system in the next couple of months.

A federal report released earlier this month painted a harsh picture of a commuter railroad with a culture of inadequate inspections and poor training, where safety was allowed to erode in order to keep trains running on time.

The review followed a Dec. 1 derailment in the Bronx that killed four and injured about 70. It also cited three other accidents in 2013: a derailment in Bridgeport, Conn., that injured more than 50 people; an accident in West Haven, Conn., that killed a Metro-North worker; and a freight train derailment in June in New York City.