Child Who Nearly Drowned Returns Home


The 9-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a Monticello bungalow colony in August returned to his Williamsburg home Wednesday, where he faces the next stage of his miraculous recovery.

The mother of Motty Yakobovich, Mrs. Silka Yakobovich, told Hamodia on Thursday that he has a lot of therapy to go until he recovers fully, but Motty and the family was very excited that he was home.

“Sure, he is in a very good mood,” Mrs. Yakobovich said.

“It’s a big simchah,” marveled Mrs. Hecht, Motty’s grandmother.

Mrs. Yakobovich added that they were planning a seudas hodaah, but not until the pace of his recovery picks up. Doctors are optimistic that he will heal fully as time passes.

“He’s not talking yet and he has trouble eating,” she said. In the meantime, he is communicating with hand gestures.

During the summer, Motty was dragged out of the pool at the Satmar Ichud bungalow colony in Monticello, where he was swimming on a Friday afternoon. At the time, an uncle said, “he was lifeless, he didn’t have a pulse.”

Motty was taken while unconscious to the trauma center at Westchester Medical Center, where he gradually awoke. Three weeks later, he was transferred to the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, N.J., for intensive rehabilitation.

As he recovered, a virtual storm of chessed was thrown at the Yakobovich family. Volunteers from Kapayim and Chai Lifeline stayed with him, allowing the family some respite from the grueling trips. He left the rehab center on Wednesday.

Motty’s parents ask readers to continue davening for Mordechai ben Silka Sarah.