Two Votes Against Moral Values

On Wednesday, America’s highest court dealt a pair of devastating blows to the little that is left of morality and tradition in this country. In one case the court was divided along ideological lines. Four conservative Justices voted for moral values, the four liberal Justices voted against, and Justice Kennedy provided the swing vote for a pernicious decision.

In the second case, regarding California, the court avoided the merits and decided the case on a technicality.

But the practical effects are the same.

In recent decades we have repeatedly witnessed how decadent elements of society have succeeded in breaching the walls of decency and destroying the most basic foundations of morality. Now the Supreme Court has joined these forces as well, and with its decisions is helping destroy a universal keystone of tradition, and one of the last vestiges of morality.

From a legal perspective, the decisions could have had far broader implications. Both rulings were relatively limited in scope, leaving some core questions unresolved.

But we can draw no comfort from this fact.

In 1996, DOMA was passed by a bipartisan vote and was signed into law by President Clinton, a man who could hardly be accused of conservative positions on social issues. Less than two decades later, the majority of the Supreme Court Justices have struck down part of this law, heeding a call by the present administration and numerous leading members of Congress.

What was once unthinkable is now perfectly acceptable; positions that were once affiliated with the extreme left are now considered mainstream.

How has America, a land that once prided itself on its religious values, lost its compass? It is now reminiscent of the decadence that permeated Sedom and Amorah.

We believe that in the depths of their hearts, the majority of Americans do not agree with these rulings. Rather, they are being pushed by a secular media and lobbyists determined to drive their insidious liberal agenda. The reason that so many elected officials have shifted views on this isn’t because they somehow came to the conclusion that what was for so long considered wrong suddenly became correct. They changed their positions because they were pressured by the left-wing media and convinced by maverick policy-makers that this will be politically beneficial for them.

While Supreme Court Justices aren’t elected, those who choose and confirm them are.

It is incumbent on all the rational Americans who still have a vestige of morality left in their beings to speak up and protest these decisions.

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