Harav Shlomo Kupetz, zt”l


Thousands of Yidden, talmidim and rebbeim, baalei batim, chassidim, bnei Torah and family members participated Wednesday night in the levayah of Harav Shlomo Kupetz, zt”l, who was niftar following an extended and very painful illness.

Reb Shlomo, zt”l, a devoted Amshinover chassid from his earliest youth, was a tremendous talmid chacham. He was a Rosh Mesivta and mashpia of Torah and Chassidus for 33 years in Yeshivah and Kollel Darchei Noam, and in the Bostoner kehillah of Flatbush. In the short 57 years of his life, he molded close to a thousand talmidim bnei Torah yereim u’sheleimim.

He was a mashpia par excellence, touching thousands of neshamos with his great warmth. His home, like his heart, was open all hours of the day and night so that he could be mekarev and mechazek Yiddishe neshamos from all walks of life.

His influence lives on
in hundreds of families who live more spiritual lives and have built stronger Yiddishe doros because of him.

Of Reb Shlomo we can say what Rav Zeiri says in Talmud Yerushalmi about Rav Bun ben Rabi Chia, who lived 28 years: “Rav Bun accomplished in 28 years what others don’t accomplish in a hundred years.”

A longer tribute will appear, iy”H, in the near future.

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