Are All These ‘Extras’ Really Necessary?

Yeshivos are vital to securely transmit the mesorah to future generations. Moreshes Kehillas Yaakov — it is an inheritance of the whole community of Jacob; not only for the lucky ones, but for all Yisrael.

It is understood that yeshivos struggle, as public schools get full funding from U.S. taxes and yeshivos get rather little, even for non-religion-oriented studies. That being said, parents have to pay thousands of dollars per child per year.

In my days, yeshivos concentrated on studies and may have had one school trip a year. During the summer, we also went to camp for fun activities (another expense of a few thousand dollars per child). Yet it seems some schools now have several yearly trips for each grade, costing approximately $250 per child. I do not recall these schools asking parents if they can pay, or for a vote. (I am a parent with children in several such schools.) This adds up quickly to significant amounts.

Are there other items that can be cheaper or are not really needed? This needs to be taken into account so all parents can afford school-related costs. I know schools try hard to accommodate everyone. The question is, can some schools do more to make life more financially bearable?

Please copy this note and share it with friends. It may help make tuition easier to pay, and also not spoil our children. Of course, our children are precious royalty — but many parents may not have royal wages.

Distressed in Flatbush