Boro Park


Free Bike Helmets To Be Distributed In Boro Park

Councilman Kalman Yeger is partnering with the NYC Department of Transportation to distribute and fit free bike helmets this Sunday in Boro Park. The event will be held at the…

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Free Legal Advice for Boro Park Residents

The New York Legal Assistance Group will be on hand next Monday to provide residents with access to free legal help from a van parked in the center of Boro…

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Police Arrest Suspect in Boro Park Home Invasion

Police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into a home in Boro Park where two girls were sleeping early Tuesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon, the NYPD arrested Isaac Hernandez,…

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Police Looking for Boro Park Home Intruder

Police are searching for a perpetrator who entered a bedroom where two girls were sleeping early Tuesday morning. The NYPD says that it received a call at 3:20 a.m. that…

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BD’E, Reb Dovid Wasserteil z”l

With great sorrow we received the news that Reb Dovid Wasserteil, z”l, was niftar on Yom Tov afternoon. He was a prominent Gerer Chassid, the gabbai of the Gerer shtibel…

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