Tefillos Needed for Yingerman

Please say Tehillim for a yingerman critically injured while riding his bike in Staten Island today.  People are asked to daven for Moshe Eliezer ben Hinda l’refuas hanefesh v’l’refuas haguf …

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Ceiling of Brooklyn Borough Hall Station Collapses

The ceiling at the subway station in Brooklyn’s Borough Hall collapsed Wednesday afternoon, with reports of one person injured. The station is on Court and Fulton streets. According to the…

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Reb Reuven Chaim Biller, Z”l, Niftar in Tragic Car Crash

Reb Reuven Chaim Biller, z”l, a beloved mechanech, was tragically niftar in a car accident in the Catskill Mountains on Wednesday afternoon. He was 42 years old and leaves behind…

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