Yom Tov Edition

I had to take the time to write and thank you for an excellent Yom Tov edition. This one surpassed all previous ones in its richness and variety. Each section, of the many available, had so much to offer.

The “North Pole” feature in Kinyan was fascinating. We take our “easy” lives here in New York for granted. We have calendars with the zmanim hanging on our refrigerators and we still kvetch about the zman being so late or so early, while at the North Pole the zmanim of Shabbos and Yom Tov are challenging. The interview with Harav Yaakov Meir Schechter, shlita, was so inspiring. The concept of using the Seder and Yetzias Mitzrayim to instill in children emunah without long pilpulim is very appealing.

The “Nachshon” supplement was so innovative. I personally enjoyed the story of Reb Nissan Leser and his shlichus from the Bobover Rebbe. It left me with a strong feeling of pride. I was so happy to see how sheimos were being taken care of in the “Buried Treasure” feature. I always worry about the sheimos floating around so forlornly and try to pick them up and put them in a safe place, but Reb Yisroel Bundheim’s, zt”l, idea is so much better. I hope it will be repeated here in the U.S. as well.

Nissi Ungar’s interview with Tova Elbaum,“Don’t Hurt My Daughter’s Shidduch” was so on target. I agree wholeheartedly. What difference does it make if a girl got average marks in school? What is important is: Does she have common sense? Is she a nice person with middos tovos? Will she be a caring, supportive wife and mother? A girl who gets 100s won’t necessarily be a better wife/mother than an average student.

“The Inside Story” by Esty Mendlowitz was enjoyable and enlightening. The work these storytellers do is precious. My grandchildren get very excited when they hear they will have an opportunity to hear a story from Rabbi Schachter or Rabbi Lisch. Stories have a powerful effect. My father, z”l, used to tell us stories of tzaddikim with all the drama, and I continued that tradition with my children, who are continuing with their children. It left an indelible impression on me and there are many times when things happen that I refer back to the reaction of a tzaddik in a story and replenish my emunah.

Needless to say, the story supplement kept me entranced until the very last page. And finally, I would like to mention that the “Places to Go” insert was very clear and easy to use.

Thank you again.

May you have continued hatzlachah in publishing such a beautiful and holy newspaper.

M. Moskowitz

We appreciate the many readers who took the time to provide feedback on our expanded Yom Tov edition. – The editors