Yeyasher Koach To Hamodia

I was delighted to see the article written by Rabbi Yehoshua Berman in your pages, and even more delighted to see the well-taken response from Rabbi Shmuli Margulies of Mesila appear shortly afterwards. Hamodia deserves a double thank you: One, for being the platform bringing the issue of resolving poverty rather than perpetuating it to the public forum; and two, for providing me the opportunity to link my two close friends — who both live in Eretz Yisroel— Rabbi Berman and Rabbi Margulies, in this mission, a bond from which the community can only benefit. Encouraging long-term solutions to this vexing problem is surely one of the most vital issues facing our community and Hamodia deserves all the credit for keeping this subject alive. As the two stated, there is no greater& tzedakah& than helping someone stand on his own two feet in dignity.


Moshe Pogrow, NASI Project