Yahrtzeit of Harav Yaakov Teitelbaum, Zt”l

The article on 15 Cheshvan 5779 by Faygie Borchardt commemorating the yahrtzeit of my father, Harav Avraham Yaakov Teitelbaum, zt”l, was masterfully presented and quite informative. Mention is made of a memoir written by me portraying my father. This memoir is actually a set of books encompassing three volumes under the title, “Our Family History.” While 17 Cheshvan marked the 50th, the Yovel, yahrtzeit of my father, the 20 years that he spent on American soil made an indelible impression upon the American youth that is felt until this very day, as so well described in the aforementioned article.

Moshe Teitelbaum, Brooklyn, NY