What a Contrast!

Every time I read about the talented frum singers in the Jewish community I come away with a deep feeling of pride. “Mi k’amcha Yisrael, goy echad ba’aretz.” &

I found the feature in Prime magazine, “It’s All About the Simchah — Not Us” (11 Tishrei/October 10), very inspiring. All the interviewees are well-known in their fields and very sought-after, yet they do not let the hoopla go to their heads. They are hardworking and very conscious of the fact that what they do is in the service of Hashem. Be it singing at simchos or at the bedside of an ill individual, they put their heart and soul into what they are doing. Most of them work a day job and sing at night to support their families. What a contrast with the secular world, where as soon as the singer becomes famous, he falls into detrimental habits, sometimes fatally.&

Thank you for such an honest interview.

May all the singers have hatzlachah and be able to continue their good work of making people truly happy.

Esther Horowitz, Brooklyn, N.Y.