We’re Still In Galus

It is very commendable the work that Ms. von Schnurbein and IHRA are doing to combat anti-Semitism. May they continue to use all the means available to greater and greater success.

But, from a Torah perspective, titles like “End Anti-Semitism Now” and “An End to Anti-Semitism” are very misleading and have no place in Torah hashkafah. It would be more realistic to say, “Combating Anti-Semitism Today.” Anti-Semitism is part of the Divine plan, and will be with us until the Moshiach will eradicate it forever. Until then, our job is to mitigate the evil via the means at our disposal, as rightly presented by Ms. von Schnurbein and the IHRA.

Firstly, Chazal (Shabbos 89a) offer several meanings for the name of the mountain upon which the Torah was given: Mount Sinai. One relates Sinai to sina’ah (hatred), meaning that when the Torah was given to the Jewish People at Mount Sinai, sina’ah against them descended into the hearts of the non-Jews. This sina’ah has gone unabated and most forcefully since the destruction of the Second Temple. The Zohar (Chadash 36b) explains that since the destruction of the Temple was not due to the three cardinal sins but to sina’as chinam, senseless hatred between Jews, G-d gave the same senseless hatred of the Jew to the nations of the world, middah keneged middah. How much blood has been spilled for not being worthy children and servants of G-d!…

Anti-Semitism, as stated previously, is part of the Divine plan, and will only be annihilated in the time of the Moshiach. Yet everything that we can do today to identify it and work on methods to mitigate it is worth all the effort, and will be repaid many times by the One Who knows and loves us with unconditional love.

Dovid Rossoff, Yerushalayim

Rifka Junger’s interview with Katharina Von Schnurbein (Features, Dec 19, 2018) regarding anti-Semitism in Europe was intriguing and most informative.

The many public acts of anti-Semitism are constant reminders that we are living in galus, in a far from perfect world. However, it is gratifying to learn that there are attempts being made to combat anti-Semitism, as discussed in this recent article.

May we soon merit our final redemption and see an end to all these dreadful acts of violence.

Miriam Liebermann