We Can Only Daven

Kudos to Hamodia’s publisher for courageously publishing the heartbreaking story of “Moshe.”

As someone who has heard — firsthand – from numerous “Moshes” I have one simple message for the readers:

Please recognize that only the Ribbono shel Olam truly knows the incredible anguish and pain these kids went through before during and after their leaving Yiddishkeit. Please, never ever try to pass judgment on them. Few of us pass every nisayon we are given, and the nisyonos given these children are unfathomable.

Whether the Rebbi or menahel is truly to blame in any specific case is a question that can be argued, but the raw pain that fills their hearts is something that is undeniable.

We can only daven that all Hashem’s children will find their way back home, and make sure that from our part, our doors and hearts are open for them at all times.

David Silverman