Wake-Up Call

Page 1 of Monday’s daily edition displayed the headline, “New Jersey Legislature Poised to Legalize Assisted Suicide.” (I understand that the measure has since passed.) And on page 3, a second article says that Maryland’s assisted-suicide bill could come to a vote next week. I appreciate that Hamodia is making sure to thoroughly cover these stories, which leave me in a state of utter shock.

I’m also puzzled at the non-reaction and detachment these news stories engender. Are we blind?

People seem to rely on their elected officials to think for them about matters of public policy. Of course that’s easier; we are all so busy. But elected officials are showing themselves insensitive to the most basic human rights. It’s like dominoes falling. One unbelievable wall falls, which we never thought we’d see. Then another.

At the very least, calling and emailing legislators’ offices are most definitely called for.

E. Rubin, Brooklyn, NY