Wake Up

The op-ed by Mrs. Leah Aharoni of Women for the Wall that you published in Friday’s daily edition was one of the most illuminating pieces I have seen thus far on the whole issue of the Reform on the Kosel. To think that the justices of the Supreme Court of Israel should have the audacity to question whether the Kosel actually has the& kedushah& of a& beis haknesses!

Even more telling is the revelation that at the last hearing, when asked for her ultimate outcome, a liberal plaintiff called to disassemble the& mechitzah, send all the daveners home, and turn the Kosel into a secular national memorial!

This is what we are up against, and what we are fighting: an enemy that is determined to wrestle away from us all that is sacred and holy. It is high time that Orthodox Jewry on both sides of the ocean wake up to recognize the seriousness of the matter — before it is too late.

Rochel Wolf