Unsung Heroes

I want to thank Reuvain Borchardt for providing us an engagingly written glimpse into a seldom-seen part of event planning: the venue (“And the Stadium Shall Become a Study Hall — Where Everyone Wins,” Hamodia Prime, Dec. 11). Mr. Borchardt’s article gave us readers the opportunity to notice and appreciate the frankly astonishing efforts the venue employees, as well as all the other “little guys,” put in to make the Siyum HaShas run flawlessly. It may all look effortless, but it is not.

I’d also like to express what is, I am sure, the public’s collective thanks to the organizers of the Siyum — not just the primary coordinators, whose names and faces we know, but also the behind-the-scenes workers. Every secretary and graphic artist, every copywriter and driver, every mail sorter and coffee-fetching intern plays a role in the design and execution of a great Siyum. Their efforts ought to be recognized even if their faces are not.

To all the little guys — a round of applause. You’ve earned it.

Sarah Hinda Appelbaum