Unbiased …

Thank you to Hamodia for providing thorough articles on topics of interest, and I wish Hamodia much success with the new look.

In response to a letter by Chaya Fuchs in the June 13 issue, criticizing Hamodia’s article covering the subject of vaccines:

I actually commend Hamodia for their work on this. In fact, all newspapers should follow their example of how topics ought to be covered.

Today there is this misconception on the left that the media should be in the business of arbitrarily deciding what arguments have legitimacy. Every tech company today is censoring what they have termed “hate speech,” which in fact does not exist! It’s nothing more than a ruse for them to control what they perceive to be the truth. We humans are subject to bias and the left likes to pretend they are truly objective and here to protect us.

We live in a generation where anyone has access to almost any information, any time. We live in a generation when we least trust the media — we are all researchers, photographers and journalists today.

Today it’s the job of media to cover topics from all angles without bias. We are humans with the capacity to make decisions and no one ought to censor information “for our benefit,” but instead they should allow us to make the final decisions that will affect us.

So thank you Hamodia for not falling for these senseless arguments and for providing unbiased content, which is only possible by admitting that we are biased and then providing separate arguments comprised of all sides.

Aron Lev