Timely Message

An item in this week’s news has caught my attention, with relevance to our approach to tefillah and our perceived acceptance by Hashem.

Former U.K. prime minister David Cameron has written his autobiography and has been giving interviews about the book. His term as prime minister spanned not only the Brexit referendum, but also the Scottish independence referendum.

In one interview, he described the dialogue he had with his private secretary who in turn conversed with the Queen’s PA in an effort to get the Queen to at least “raise an eyebrow a half an inch” (his words) to show her opinion of Scottish independence. Buckingham Palace has responded angrily to this suggested audacity.

Klal Yisrael is privileged to be able to converse with Hakadosh Baruch Hu, Who knows all, provides all, etc., but He still wants us to daven to Him, beseech Him with our requests, as well as sing His praises. We don’t need to make an appointment or use secretaries as intermediaries either. Whether He answers our tefillos in the way we want is not relevant, for He is the Master and knows the ultimate best for us all.

When we wait for our tefillos to be “answered,” surely we have to be extremely careful not to expect the Eibershter to “even lift his eyebrows just a little” but rely totally on His response, if and when He does.

A timely opportunity to encourage your readers to daven in the appropriate manner.

Kesivah vachasimah tovah.

Aaron Leitner, Manchester, U.K.