The True Source

Another decisive reason why Palestinians have rejected previous efforts for negotiating with Israel in good faith is that fellow Arab countries, the U.N., the E.U. — when not busy building illegal houses for Arabs in disputed territory — and sadly some in the U.S., have assured them by wink and nod that they can kill innocent Israelis with impunity and have falsely intimated that they consider these terrorist attacks as just another paradigm of the “cycle of violence” whereby Israel would be equally culpable for the terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Palestinians. These terrorists are incited to murder by the heinous policy of generous stipends for them or their families, the amount dependent on the number of Jews murdered or injured. They are bombarded with hate speech in the media, imams’ sermons, school curricula, and with the added incentive of being hailed as heroes for the “holy” cause of Palestinians gaining sovereignty over Israeli territory.

There remains real concern and critical caution in commending President Trump for his “genuine efforts to bridge gaps and promote peaceful co-existence,” because his oft-declared self-assessment that he is a great deal-maker could lead him to anticipate the Israeli government’s acceptance of a deal deleterious to their security imperatives.

There is but one constant on which there can be no doubt. Hashem remains the Source of Israel’s ultimate redemption from its enemies.

Fay Dicker, Lakewood, N.J.