The Role of Government

As an American citizen, I have great respect for the framers of Constitution, who established a remarkable framework for democracy that is still flourishing more than two centuries later. However, like all mortals, they made some errors in judgement. Some of them were corrected with subsequent amendments; others are still waiting for a fix.

The impeachment proceedings is one area which I feel was wrongly structured. For one thing, it would have been more appropriate for the Supreme Court — whose members don’t have to run for re-election and have no formal affiliation with a political party — to be the body entrusted in deciding whether to remove a president. As the two impeachment efforts against Donald Trump have illustrated, the process has been totally politicized by both sides of the political divide.

Even more disturbing is the clause allowing the Senate to ban a president from ever running again. I perceive it as a grave insult to the American people. They, and they alone, should get to decide whom they want to vote for in the presidential campaign, and not the members of the U.S. Senate.

While it will take a constitutional amendment to change the rules of impeachment, all it will take is sufficient number of senators to vote against the article of impeachment against Trump that was passed by the House of Representatives. Regardless of how someone will choose to interpret what happened on January 6, and regardless of whether Trump was in any way responsible for what happened, preventing him from running again would be the wrong thing to do in a democracy.

Let the voters decide Mr. Trump’s political future, not the Senate.

Yitzy Heller