The Democratic Field

Thank you for your ongoing in-depth coverage of the Democratic ticket. Your coverage of Bloomberg (Hamodia Prime, “Pre$ident Bloomberg?” March 4) was interesting and comprehensive, and brought back several recollections of how people felt about him when he was mayor.

Not to get into the serious stuff, mainly metzitzah b’peh, but I remember other things about his term in office, including the time cars were ticketed during a (minor) snowstorm if they were on the wrong side of the street for the alternate side cleaners.

Bloomberg’s approach was, “Drivers should take responsibility for knowing when to move their car.”

Many drivers who had been ticketed reacted with outrage and righteous indignation, and ever since then, all it takes is one fallen flake and alternate side is canceled.

I think of him mostly as systematic and practical. A sort of Herbert Hoover type.

The “Analysis” section summed up my feelings about him, including that he was uniquely suited to run against President Trump. It would have been interesting.

I do not want a Jew in the White House, but if that were not a factor, I think he could have done a good job. He’s the polar opposite of the president, but I think they “get” each other, and Bloomberg could have taken him on.

Malka Faige Toksil, Bronx, NY