Telling Both Sides Of the Vaccine Story

I would like to congratulate Hamodia for your excellent coverage of the anti-vax rally in Monsey (“Taking a Shot at a ‘Vexing’ Issue,” May 22, 2019). Though you clearly support vaccinations and have been regularly printing articles in favor of them for quite a while, you were able to present a balanced perspective of proponents from both sides of the issue. This was quality reporting and I hope that Hamodia receives a journalistic award for this piece.

I would also like to thank Hamodia for covering this topic long before the current measles crisis in New York. In addition to young babies, expectant women, and the elderly, there is a significantly-sized group of immunocompromised individuals who are either medically not allowed to receive vaccinations or who are vaccinated but could still suffer serious consequences should they come down with measles or other diseases. Many of these people have hidden illnesses and others would never know how they are seriously at risk.

Aviva Korngold