Sweet Truth

We were always eating too much sugar, but it’s gotten much, much worse since quarantine. Take a look at the references to sugar in just one article in the January 27 Hamodia (“An American in Yerushalayim” by Dov Fuchs, a column I enjoy very much every week; emphasis mine):

“Our children, from toddler to teens, received care packages with TREATS … to keep them busy and satiated …

“Local families dedicated to helping the isolated delivered a massive box with assorted TREATS for everyone’s enjoyment …”

“… and included a printout of stores and EATERIES that offer delivery service.”

“One Morah delivered a gigantic batch of prepared COOKIE DOUGH with small packets of SPRINKLES …”

“We’ve had SCRUMPTIOUS meals delivered in the evening as well as lifesaving ICED COFFEES at desperate intervals throughout the day.”

This is how we teach our children that the way to deal with stress and desperation is by reaching for sugar.Although everyone definitely meant well, if we don’t sit up and take notice of what is happening, obesity and diabetes could, chas v’shalom, harm far more people than COVID ever could.

R. Deitsch, Crown Heights

Dov Fuchs responds:

I appreciate your concern for the overall health and healthy eating habits of young and old alike. I agree that both are important. Yet desperate times call for desperate measures. I don’t know if you can relate to what a family’s 10-day isolation in a small apartment entails. To preserve the mental and emotional health of both parents and children, it is certainly understandable that some extra “goodies” are a lifesaver. (My wife would have enjoyed a salad, but my kids would have threatened mutiny.) The sensitivity and chessed of the generous benefactors to provide us with precisely what works, as well as what was needed, was heartwarming and I am indebted to them for their thoughtfulness.