Staying Strong

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful paper in these challenging times with chizuk and news for Klal Yisrael.

The article written by Rabbi Avraham Y. Heschel entitled “The Greatest Lesson” (Prime Magazine, 5 Iyar 5780) inspired me to write this letter.

To quote from the article, “A fundamental truth: Chinuch is all about preparing children for their future. … they didn’t use an iPad to learn Torah because, like guns and electric knives, such devices should never be in the hands of children.”

I am proud to belong to a school where the Principal went to all measures to facilitate conference calls, using the phone and printed booklets to learn from.

It is worth noting that although the children could have had access to technology, the ethos of the school is not to have any access whatsoever, and even in these difficult times, the school has kept to its ethos.

Now is a good time to reflect, as we draw closer to the month of Sivan, on the tefillah of the Shelah Hakadosh.

I know of parents who begged their children to stay away from technology, but sadly, other well-meaning people, who thought they knew better, gave the OK.

As soon as this happened one was able to see the children slacking off in their Yiddishkeit.

We must train our children and teenagers,that these dangerous devices can be used solely by adults who understand the frightening results of technology.

People say, “But its 2020 and technology is a part of this world!”

Let me quote Rebbetzin Rena Tarshish:

“If someone would have told us that the world is going to look like what it looks like now, we would have said it’s impossible, we are living in 2020, we are not in a shtetl of once upon a time … Just think about how inconvenient it is, and no one is saying anything. They may say it’s uncomfortable, but everyone understands that when it’s your life or someone else’s life at stake, then suddenly the rules are very different. Who cares if people say, ‘living without technology is like the shtetl.’”

This is what we have to do to protect our children! It may be inconvenient not to use technology, but it is a protection, like wearing a mask against the deadly virus.

This Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, before we say the tefillah of the Shelah Hakadosh, we should ask ourselves: Are we doing our part and staying strong?

Name Withheld, London, England