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Thank-you for the excellent article about ADHD diagnoses, symptoms and medication (Hamodia Prime, Nov. 13, 2019). ADHD today is a very common challenge in homes and schools. The more information parents and yeshivos have, the better equipped they will be to manage the challenges of ADHD. There is a great deal of valuable information that can help people, but they don’t always know where to find it. This article was a great place to start.

In my conversations with people as a mechanech and an ADHD coach, I have found that the subject of medication can be somewhat polarizing and contentious, so thank you for presenting both sides of the debate.

The article mentions a 12-week course to help college students navigate life with ADHD without the use of medication. A similar option that can often be effective is ADHD coaching, which can be done both in group settings or one-on-one. (This can be in conjunction with medication or without.)

There is also increasing research on other non-medication options. The FDA has recently approved a device worn at night called an eTENS, which has been proven to reduce ADHD symptoms. There has also been a great deal of research on natural remedies, as well as different brain training programs. Time will tell if these will emerge as viable options.

Thank you again for providing valuable information. Keep up the great work!

Rabbi Shmuel Reich