Socialized Medicine

Re. “Healthcare: Not Black and White” (Letters, Hamodia Prime, Nov. 13, 2019), may I add a personal experience under the socialized medicine practices of Great Britain?

I grew up in London and suffered from many bouts of tonsillitis, a condition that required surgery to remove the tonsils. A lack of availability of a hospital bed delayed the required tonsillectomy indefinitely.

On a return visit to London from the U.S., with the onset of another tonsillitis attack, justice finally prevailed and I finally had the surgery, at a much older age, with more pain and slower rehab.

If the British medical system is transferred to these shores, it will inevitably become as problematic here as it is now in the U.K.

The pie-in-the-sky offers by the “Medicare-for-all” cohorts are not within the realm of reality — financially or bureaucratically.

Fay Dicker, Lakewood, N.J.